You’re On Your Way To Living The Redefined American Dream, But First, You Should Know…

How To Boost Your Success With 3 Powerful Force Multipliers

Money Shackles: The Breakout Guide To Alternative Investing

The book “Money Shackles: The Breakout Guide To Alternative Investing”, is on its way to your mailbox and email inbox.

This is the first step in a continuing journey toward financial freedom.

Two phrases from the sentence above that I want to highlight for you:

“First step” and “continuing journey”.

Your Redefined American Dream will evolve over time. Your goals will get bigger.

Reading “Money Shackles: The Breakout Guide To Alternative Investing” is a great first step. Even better, it’s meant to be referred to repeatedly. Much like the Bible, as you grow, you’ll discover more insights you may have missed on your first reading. That’s natural.

You will discover that true financial freedom is a process, not an event.

The journey is not always easy. You will be tested.

I want to prepare you for what’s ahead.

Here are three powerful concepts that will aid you on your journey (they’ve saved me and my students much effort, time, and money). Most importantly, these essential lessons have saved us from heartache and regret.

The 3 Most Simple & Powerful Ways To Reach Your Financial Goals Fast

First, you must stay on the cutting edge of alternative investment trends. Trusted sources that provide meaningful insights can be hard to find, though (don’t worry, we’ll help you).

Staying ahead of trends is vital to your success.

But access to insights from trusted experts can take a lot of work to find.

The media is notorious for being too late to trends. The internet is often full of misinformation. And so-called “gurus” laugh their way to the bank, selling outdated nonsense.

There’s a better way.

In a moment, I’ll reveal the most effective way to stay on the cutting edge with fresh insights (keep reading to discover how).

Second, ongoing support and training from like-minded investors and experts is vital. I’m about to show you where to find the right Tribe. Financial freedom is a process, not an event. You’ll need help along the way.

If you’ve ever dared to blaze your own path or challenge the status quo, you know how hard it can be to find such supporters.

Realizing your family, friends, and co-workers aren’t coming along for the ride can be discouraging. Even worse, they tell you that you shouldn’t even try.

Don’t worry. We’re about to solve this for you.

Finally, accountability is a powerful “mind hack” that automatically helps you become productive – but requires the right partners on the same journey.

  • According to The Economic Review, “Our performance goes up 230% if we are being held accountable to others (compared to working by ourselves)”.
  • An article in Psychological Science revealed accountability could “reduce procrastination by nearly 70%”.

The fusion of these three forces creates an unstoppable experience, especially with mentorship.

Mentorship is the X-factor that skyrockets your success and propels you to extraordinary heights.

I know firsthand how challenging it can be to locate this caliber of support in today's world.

You Don’t Have To Do This Alone

What if you could get the freshest updates and insights in alternative investing delivered to you every month?

Even better, could you have weekly training support from Thought Leaders, experts, and myself, Dutch Mendenhall?

What if you could join a Tribe of like-minded investors who inspire and hold each other accountable for maximum results?

This type of mentorship could transform your life, future, and legacy.

In fact, it WILL when you take advantage of a special offer I designed just for you.

Dutch Mendendhall

Introducing TheRAD™ Alternative Investment Community Mentorship

You’re about to get access to a suite of three powerful tools to lift you out of financial burden and launch you towards freedom.

Complete your upgrade, and here’s what you’re getting:

Wealth Building & Protection Newsletter

  • Stay on top of the right trends and avoid common pitfalls
  • The ABCs of managing wealth in today’s economy
  • Tried and true methods that work from America’s greatest Thought Leaders on alternative investments
  • Maximize the legacy your family deserves

Ongoing Success Coaching

  • Unlock your full financial potential
  • Improve relationships, career, health, and personal satisfaction.
  • Overcome financial obstacles and build resiliency
  • Motivate yourself with insights and accountability
  • Achieve your goals more effectively and efficiently

Alternative Investment Community Group

  • Engage with like-minded, passionate investors
  • Discuss unique investment strategies and emerging trends that can propel you forward
  • Share in achieving more together than you could alone
  • Network with wealth builders who’ve been where you are and excelled

There’s More! You’re Going To Complete Your Upgrade And Enjoy Two MORE Powerful Bonuses

Of course, the three components inside TheRAD™ Alternative Investment Community Mentorship Program already have massive value.

Now, these next two bonuses take it all to a higher level so you can proceed on your journey with ultimate confidence:

Perpetual Investment Training Library

  • Brush up on money management and lifestyle basics and pro tips from The RAD experts
  • Practical tools and resources to help simplify the investment process
  • Learn to manage wealth on your own schedule and at your own pace
  • Return at any time for new ideas or training
  • Invest confidently with the knowledge that considers your interests, financial goals, and risk balance

Exclusive Unreleased Legacy Training

  • Pull back the curtain on insights from America’s top experts on alternative investments, tax strategies, and wealth management
  • Listen to the solutions I tailor specifically to my Inner Circle
  • Learn how to apply wealth strategies used by America’s wealthiest families to protect and grow their legacies
  • Move your wealth from leaving a memory to building a legacy!

The first lessons are already waiting for you inside the members' area. Access them instantly after we send you login instructions via email.

One Final SURPRISE Bonus

Because I believe in the power of community and networking I want to add one more surprise bonus.

We host a special, exclusive investor appreciation event called the Invest Wealth Summit.

I reveal the most cutting-edge strategies for passive income LIVE and share the stage with Thought Leaders and experts in Alternative Investing.

You’ll meet the brightest and most successful founders, educators, and like-minded investors. It’s a great opportunity to network AND get ahead of trends.

Tickets usually sell for $1,497 each.

Upgrade your order now and I’ll give you FREE access to the next Invest Wealth Summit.

The Value Is Off The Charts!


The Wealth Building & Protection Newsletter would require $1,164 for one year of access.


TheRAD™ Ongoing Success Coaching surpasses programs others usually charge thousands of dollars for.


The value of networking and support in the Alternative Investment Community Group is priceless.


Education of the caliber found in the Perpetual Investment Training Library sells for $1,497 all the time.


The Exclusive Unreleased Legacy Training is part of a program that requires a $12,000 commitment.


Access to the Invest Wealth Summit is $1,497 per ticket.


The total retail value for the entire suite is off the charts (and worth every penny).


The special I’m offering you make this an “impossible to refuse” upgrade.

Access All Five Mentorship Success Boosters
For Just $97 Per Month

Once you finish reading “Money Shackles: The Breakout Guide To Alternative Investing,” you’ll be motivated and energized to take massive steps daily toward your financially free future.

Unless you have this upgrade, you’ll lack the support to accomplish your goals quickly and confidently.

This is a journey that’s better with like-minded investors and expert guides.

  • If you’re ever confused, clarity will be just a click away.
  • Your network will be there for motivation, support, and accountability.
  • When making big moves, you’ll have a Tribe to celebrate and rejoice with you.

All this for just $3.32 per day is a “no brainer”. I’ve made it easy for you. Upgrade now.